The community version of ExtentReports for .NET 3.0.2 is now available. Below is what’s new:

  • new (#18) Provide ability to remove a test
  • new (#32) Adds TimeZone to the report
  • new Adds Debug status to hierarchy computation
  • new Show test’s hierarchical name in category view
  • new Add ability to see the MongoDb’s project and report id from ExtentXReporter
  • fix (#37) Fix issue with the API setting “Default” for ReportName and ProjectName
  • fix (#45) Fix issue where time taken for each test is 0
  • fix Fix issue where text does not show in search box for Dark theme
  • fix Fix issue with long category and exception names breaking styles
  • fix Fix search for category and exception views
  • fix Removes step filter for BDD
  • fix Prevent errors if the child-analysis chart does not get rendered by the template

Documentation available here.

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