The community version of ExtentReports for Java 3.0.5 is now available. Below is what’s new:

  • fix (#840) Fixed issue with BugView not showing
  • fix (#841) Fixed the exception view which was not displaying the results properly
  • new #756 Allow choosing an AnalysisStrategy for reports
  • new #794 Add ability to see the MongoDb’s project and report id from ExtentXReporter
  • new #792 Show PASS, INFO and DEBUG status log messages for BDD style reports
  • new #791 Added a timestamp format configuration for HTMLReporter
        htmlReporter.config().setTimeStampFormat("mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss a");
  • new #819 All ExtentXReporter to upload media for logs to ExtentX server
  • new #832 Add ability to remove tests
  • fix (#811) Fixed the search text color in the Dark theme
  • fix (#815) End time on tests not being set correctly – total time taken incorrect for tests created using a listener
  • fix (#818) Fix filters for Category view
  • fix (#820) Fix styling for category and author labels
  • fix (#823) In case of long text parent test column distorted (Exception view)
  • fix (#835) Fixed the width for the first 2 columns specific to particular table instead of applying to all table
  • fix (#836) Fixed the exception view where it was showing only the last exception

Documentation available here.

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