ExtentReports Java Professional 3.0.1 Released

The professional version of ExtentReports for Java 3.0.1 is now available. Below is what’s new:

  • fix Fix issue with category counts not displaying the correct counts and the overall category status
  • fix Email template issue where it was not possible to change the “documentTitle” setting
  • new Specify default locale for HTML reporter so there are no parsing errors in certain locales
  • new Create automatic links for screenshots created for logs (this functionality already exists at the test level)

Documentation available here.

ExtentReports Java Community Version 3.0.2 Released

The community version of ExtentReports for Java 3.0.2 is now available. Below is what’s new:

  • new Add support for ExtentX 1.0.0
  • fix (#749) In version 3.0.1, charts not diplayed for values greater that 999
  • fix (#744) ExtentHtmlReporter.setAppendExisting(java.lang.Boolean b) not working in version 3.0.1
  • fix (#728) Esc button when pressed, will move the control to the first test in the report
  • fix (#710) Categories results are not updated properly
  • fix (#694) Keyboard shortcuts ignore modifier keys

Documentation available here.