Klov allows tracking each of your launches across all your projects. View and analyze how your test perform overtime, how each execution category has compares in detail, track exceptions, create topics for discussion or reminders and search entities from a host of options.


  1. Install MongoDB
  2. Setup file provided in the distribution to update MongoDB details:
  3. Run Klov:
    java -jar klov-x.x.x.jar


You will have to enter the LICENSE key details in Klov when you start the server. To enter the license key provided with the distribution or by the support team:

  1. Navigate to <klov-host>/settings
  2. Enter the license key from the LICENSE file
  3. Click Save
  4. An expiration date will appear below the License heading


To configure SSL with Klov, please add the relevant configuration in the file:

# enable or disable ssl
# Format used by the keystore
# PKCS12 or JKS
# Path to the keystore containing the certificate
# Certificate password
# Any alias mapped to the certificate

Untrusted or self-signed SSL certificates are not supported.

MongoDB Settings

You can configure your MongoDB environment settings from

# data.mongodb